General Studies Prelim Test Series

Process and Time period: We conduct “Prelim Test Series”, consisting of 25 Test with objective type tests on GS and CSAT. It begins in the month of December and ends in May , before the Prelim exam. The “Prelim Test Series” confers multiple benefits on the candidates. It induces a sense of focus, discipline and regularity in a candidates’ preparation.

Marks: For GS – 200 marks (100 questions) and CSAT – 200 marks (80 questions).
(It is to be noted that the marks scored by the candidates in GS only are considered to qualify for the Main Exam. Marks scored in CSAT are not considered for merit but the minimum qualifying marks in CSAT is 33% in the CSAT paper without attaining which the student cannot clear the Prelim Examination)

Relevance/Ideology behind Tests: Due to negative marking, the Civil Services Exam has become difficult to qualify. In some cases, students who have not practiced the objective questions realize in the exam hall their unpreparedness for the surprises thrown at them by the UPSC. In such a scenario, it is desirable that the candidates’ fine tune their GS and CSAT preparations by attending as many tests as possible. It guides them to develop better understanding of the concepts, basic principles and factual aspects of the Prelim subjects.

Explanations: To provide an idea about the methodology to be adopted by the students to prepare their subjects, explanations are given by subject experts in the ”Classroom Prelim Test Series” for the questions in such a manner so that the candidates understand how the topic of the question needs to be prepared/analysed.
Cost: 5500/-*including GST

Mains Test Series

What’s Unique about this Test Series?

Building on the years of experience of our teachers in the UPSC CSE Examination process, ABC EDUCATION Main Exam Programme has been designed on lines of the Civil Services Main Examination. It will help the aspirant to benchmark their present preparation and gradually improve their performance to the level where an aspirant can confidently compete with the best. It will assist the aspirant to identify the strengths and weaknesses and work upon them in a concerted manner to develop content, refine answer writing, and manage time.

Salient features of the Test Series?

⦁ Comprises of total 12 tests: 8 sectional tests and 4 full tests for the General studies papers.
⦁ Tests will be conducted in the UPSC simulated environment to give aspirants feel of actual examination.
⦁ Question papers will be on par with the UPSC standards with highly experienced team engaged in designing the papers.
⦁ Aspirants will be provided with multiple time slots over the scheduled week to attempt the Tests.
⦁ Aspirants will be provided with scanned copy of their evaluated answer sheets to their Email along with the Model Answers.
⦁ Access to Best copies and Best answers.
⦁ Thorough Classroom Discussions for each test by Expert Faculty.
⦁ Focus on sustainable and holistic enhancement of answer writing skill of candidate through answer sheet specific workable comments followed with our expertise i.e. ‘Mentoring’ – a programme involving interactions with our experts.

How will your Answer sheet be evaluated?

We have a team of experienced evaluators and reviewers, who would ensure that the answer sheets are evaluated through the “Competency Prism” i.e. the parameters to be followed for evaluation of any answer sheet

⦁ Evaluation process focusses on assessing the answers on three dimensions –
⦁ Concepts
⦁ Structure
⦁ Language
⦁ Focus on providing Answer sheet specific workable comments to aspirants so that they know specifically what fetched those marks and what didn’t work for them.
⦁ We have a 3 three tiered structure for evaluation of answer Sheets along with cross checking (review) to provide depth to the evaluation quality.
We are committed to provide evaluated answer sheets within 7-10 working Days from the date of submission.

What is Mentoring?

⦁ The exam is getting more competitive with increasing dynamism every year in the form of changing question pattern, type of questions asked, uncovering the hidden aspects of the syllabus from the UPSC side. From the aspirants’ side, every year, new tricks and trends come in and you have to stay ahead of the curve of competition. To cope with this, only knowledge of subject matter will not help and there is a need to calibrate and strategize your planning to be relevant for this exam. And this is where the role of ‘Mentoring’ becomes imperative.
⦁ A team of experienced Mentors will provide aspirants with personal interaction sessions which would be premised on the performance of their tests. This will provide the aspirant with immediate feedback regarding what can be done to improve their performance, preparing them on finer issues and adding value through holistic guidance. The basis of this interaction is the written answer sheet of the aspirant, which is thoroughly analysed in their presence.
⦁ Mentoring is more than mere guidance and coaching. It’s a personal psycho-social support that helps with both content as well as process. We provide the opportunity to aspirants to engage with our Team of Mentors so that they can uplift their level of motivation and improve their productivity. Mentoring will assist the aspirants to locate their specific weaknesses, not only in the required subject but also in the psycho-social aspects of the preparation.
⦁ An intellectual nudge from the Team of Mentors who have experienced this process of examination would be your best guide to pass their experience and help you. It keeps the aspirant in right tempo and mental frame to be more competitive.

How would this Programme benefit you?

⦁ Help you master “The Art of Writing Answers” which is a honed skill, but with constant practice and effort is an achievable task.
⦁ Focus will be to help aspirants learn to write answers with contextual, structural and language competency to take the preparedness of aspirants a notch higher and thereby improving their ability to score high.
⦁ Focus on Value Addition and Content Enrichment.
⦁ Major Focus on Time management of the aspirants with hassle free evaluated answer sheet retrieval and effective mentoring sessions to take stock of their performance and fine tune strategies.
⦁ Evaluation of answer sheets of candidates will be thorough with multiple level of cross checking and reviewing by our team of experienced evaluators and reviewers to provide aspirants with prudent assessment of their performance.
⦁ The Mentoring sessions provide the aspirant a window to see for themselves their improvement and help them devise the right strategy with the experienced team.

Cost: 17700/- *including GST

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