The Size And Scope Of Civil Service:
Before You Start your Preparation for IAS Examination, Question Yourself –
What I Am Here For?
Am I Interested In –
Improving Living Standards Of Poor People?
Widening Access To Public Services?
Defending The Country Against Disasters?.

Stages of the Examination

The Examination is a Three Stage Process which consists of:

  • Stage I: CSAT (Preliminary Examination) – This is a Qualifying Test Held in May/June Every Year. Notification for This is published in December/January. Results are published in the First Half of August.
  • Stage Ii: Main Examination – This is the main test, held in October/November Every Year. Results are usually published in the second week of March.
  • Stage Iii: Personality Test (Interview) – It is the Final Test and is Held in April/May Every Year. Final Results are usually announced a few days before the next preliminary Examination.

When everyone think about IAS Exam, the First Question that Storms their Brain Is

Do I Need Civils Coaching? The answer is a likely Yes. It helps you to grasp the complex Things in a Simplified Manner and Best Coaching for IAS Examination is one which offers best Guidance.

The Next Question is what the best IAS Coaching centre in Chandigarh is. Undisputedly, the answer is ABC Education. Unlike others which refuse to Change with Times, Here comes an IAS Coaching Centre with a Fresh Fragrance and Promising Prospects for becoming IAS/IPS/IFS.

IAS Exam Pattern

It Is Conducted In Three Stages.
Prelims : Csat – 2 Papers – Objective Type – 400 Marks
Mains – 7 Papers – Descriptive Type   – 1750 Marks
Personality Test : Interview   – 275 Marks
IAS Exam Pattern Tests Unique Abilities Of Student Such As Speed, Knowledge, Ability To Understand , Spontaneity Etc.

IAS Preparation Strategy

IAS Preparation Needs Meticulous Planning And Time Management. With Dynamic Changes, Presence Of Mind Also Plays A Key Role.

The Pattern For IAS Examination Changed In 2011, Mains In 2012. Now, The Change Is So Dynamic That Traditional Coaching Centers Are Behind The Changes And Are Failing To Adapt. Abc Education Is The Fore Runner In The Process Of Adaptation , Revamping The Entire ‘IAS Preparation Strategy’ So As To Minimize Both The Burden On Students And Number Of Attempts.

Prelims : Skills Required :

  1. Analytical Ability
  2. Mental Alertness
  3. Short, Quick Decision Making Skills
  4. Comprehension Skills

What Abc Education Academy Provides

1) In-Depth Understanding Of The Basics

2) Comprehensive Coverage Of Syllabus With Latest Updates I.E, Current Affairs

3) 24 Hour Connectivity With Student Via Online, Offline Platform.

4) Personal Attention

Main: Skills Required

1) Speedy Writing

2) Organizing. Multi Dimensional Understanding

3) Precise And Simple Presentation Skills

4) Interlinking Of Concepts With Current Affairs

Abc Education Provides:

1) One To One Interaction In Improving Writing Skills

2) Mains Test Series With Answer Writing Sessions

3) Presentation Of Relevant Audio/Video Contents In The Class

4) Personalized IAS Preparation Strategy Based On Individual’s Choice Rather Than A Mob Approach.

5) Encouraging Student Friendly Learning With Group Studies, Individual Presentations, Working More On Synergistic Efforts.

Skills Required For Personality Test

Good Communication

Crystal-Clear Views On The All Possible Issues.

Ability To Take A Quick But Rational Judgement.

What We Offer:

We Believe In — Development Of Students Personality Right From The Moment He Joins Our IAS Coaching Institute. Interview Guidance Is A Port Of The Overall Preparation Where In We Encourage Healthy Interaction, Allowing Them To Speak More In The Classes.

We Keep Connected With Younger Dynamic Civil Servants And Arrange Regular Workshops, Seminars By Efficient Mentors Who Can Boast Up The Ias Preparation.

Also Mock Interviews That Aim At Extracting Students Strengths And Giving Them Proper Direction To Hit The Bulls Eye.
Ias Exam Is The Prestigious Exam Of This Nation, Called The Mother Of The All The Exams.

Abc Education Is Not Just Another IAS Coaching Centre. But, It Also Enables The Students With Necessary Skills And Enabling Environment For The Conducive Preparation Of The Exam.

All The Best – Abc Education

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